Hain Lifescience – expertise in medical diagnostics

We develop, produce and distribute test systems for medical laboratory diagnostic testing. Our focus is on molecular test systems which can help to detect harmful pathogens or hereditary diseases. Our products enable laboratories all over the world to perform diagnostic testing in a way which is rapid, straightforward and reliable. Based on the test results, patients receive the most appropriate treatment and the spread of diseases and resistances is stopped.

Scientists working in the lab

Our story

The company was originally founded by brothers David and Tobias Hain in 1986 as a mail order company for laboratory supplies. What started off as something small then grew steadily. Finally, the first in-house test system based on our DNAstrip technology was launched in 1996: micro-IDent® for the detection of periodontopathogenic bacteria in periodontal pockets. Our product portfolio now includes over 50 different test systems. In addition to this, we even develop and produce the equipment and software needed to perform the tests in the laboratory.

Around 120 people now work in the company’s head office in Nehren in the south of Germany. Around half of these people are scientists working mainly in the Research & Development, Production, Quality Management and Quality Control departments. From our Baden-Württemberg roots, we have established branches in Spain, Great Britain, France, South Africa and Kenya in recent years. Hain Lifescience is also represented in many other countries by long-term partners.

Our products

Laboratory diagnostic testing form the basis of modern medical care. What started off with simple laboratory tests has since become a high-tech field of medicine. In our test systems, we combine the latest molecular technologies with simple, routine processing so that analyses can be performed reliably in the laboratory and accurate results are guaranteed.

The quality of our test systems has also convinced the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO has already endorsed Hain Lifescience products on several occasions. Most recently, in May 2016, it endorsed the GenoType MTBDRsl rapid test for tuberculosis.

Dental diagnostic testing

Our test systems micro-IDent® and micro-IDent®plus are the basis for individualized and optimum periodontal therapy. The dentist performs the sampling. We take care of the rest. In our service laboratory, we analyze patient specimens every day for the individual bacterial load. Standardized processes and automated methods provide objective and reliable results within a few hours. Each day, we process several hundreds of specimens from dental practices in over 30 countries.

We also see ourselves as a qualified point of contact for both the dentist and the practice team. Our toll-free hotline enables our service team to respond to all your questions and concerns personally. We are also present at numerous conferences and trade fairs as well as holding our own education program throughout Germany.

Of course, our aim is to make working with dental diagnostic test systems on an everyday basis in the practice as easy as possible. We offer:

  • free sampling sets
  • free specimen shipment
  • rapid transmission of laboratory results
  • clear and meaningful presentation of the results
  • and comprehensive background material as a basis for creating individual treatment plans

Our motivation

Rapid and reliable diagnostic testing is the ideal basis for treating a disease successfully. We make an important contribution to this because our test systems lead to informed diagnoses on the basis of which patients can be treated in a targeted manner. Providing the means for optimum treatment is what motivates us every day.