Step by step: From specimen to result

Taking specimens for a marker bacteria analysis with micro-IDent®/micro-IDent®plus is very straightforward and is a painless procedure that can be performed quickly and at no great expense in the dental practice. We will explain it to you here, step by step.

Multi-site sampling

Before taking the specimen, first remove the supragingival plaque with a sterile curette. The specimen site must also be dried with sterile cotton swabs. Only this will ensure that the paper points pick up only the subgingival specimen material and that the result is not falsified.

Please note: Moderate gum bleeding does not affect the specimen and thus the result. However, specimens should not be taken from very suppurative pockets.

Specimens are taken from the deepest gingival pockets of each quadrant.

Insert a paper point quickly into each sampling site using sterile tweezers, down to the base of the sulcus, and leave the paper point in place for at least 10 seconds.

Then place the paper points into the transfer tube with the point facing forwards. Up to 5 paper points can be pooled in one tube.

Make a note of all the information required, e.g. patient details and desired test format, on the order form. There are a few other things you need to remember when completing the order form.

Multi-site sampling

What happens next

Place the tranfer tube and the completed order form back in the blue shipping box and mail these to the laboratory of your choice.