micro-IDent® and micro-IDent®plus bacterial test

Periodontitis is triggered by a heterogeneous group of bacteria. According to the severity of the infection and depending on the pathogenicity of the organisms present, it is sometimes necessary to administer an antibiotic in addition to conventional mechanical therapy. In order to avoid under- or overtreatment, however, a microbiological analysis of the individual microbial spectrum should be performed beforehand.

micro-IDent and micro-IDent plus

Our test systems micro-IDent® and micro-IDent®plus identify 5 and 11 periodontopathogenic marker bacteria and their concentrations respectively in an easy and reliable manner. This information helps you to decide whether adjunctive antibiotic administration is necessary and which active substance provides the best coverage of the microbial spectrum present according to the recommendations of the German Society of Periodontology (DG PARO).

The test results are thus the ideal basis for individualized treatment planning. They not only facilitate the selection of adjunctive antibiotics, but also provide a basis for determining sensible recall intervals and documenting your treatment success. You will find an overview of the benefits of marker bacteria diagnostic testing here.

No antibiotics without a bacterial test

Knowledge about a patient’s individual bacterial load is the basis for informed and responsible periodontal therapy. This is what the German Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine (DGZMK) calls for in a statement on the use of adjunctive antibiotics. Literally translated they say: “The existing periodontal infection should be determined by microbiological analysis of the subgingival plaque for the selection of a suitable antibiotic.

  • reduce the use of antibiotics to what is necessary and thereby
  • avoid overtreatment and
  • minimize the risk of the development of bacterial resistance.

The right analysis for every requirement

Which of the test systems is the right one in your case depends on your patient’s individual situation. The analysis of 11 periodontopathogenic bacteria with micro-IDent®plus generally provides a fuller picture.

Validated and verified test method

Accurate and reliable determination of bacteria forms the cornerstone of a continuing response to treatment. The reliable technology behind this has been developed by us to the highest quality standards and carefully validated. With our specific and sensitive test method, we analyze the bacterial DNA in the specimen and thereby determine both the presence and concentration of the main periodontitis-associated pathogens. Molecular diagnostic testing therefore enables you to make optimum treatment decisions and boost your success rate.

Quality that is independently verified and confirmed

Scientific studies show: The test systems micro-IDent® and micro-IDent®plus provide reliable diagnostic testing. In a comparison of micro-IDent® with a real-time PCR assay, the University of Bern rated our system as the superior method for individual diagnostic testing, treatment planning and follow-up of periodontitis patients. The renowned Forsyth Institute in Boston also showed that analysis with micro-IDent®plus is capable of distinguishing reliably between healthy patients and those with periodontal disease.

Sampling with paper tips

Ease of use

micro-IDent® and micro-IDent®plus are very easy to integrate into routine practice. From taking the specimen through to the result, it’s just one small step for you. Sampling itself takes just a few seconds and is completely painless for the patient. All you have to do then is pack the specimens up together with the completed order form and send them off.