If the periodontium is stressed

Psychosocial stress can have a negative influence on the immune system and therefore on health. The periodontium is not immune to these interdependencies either.

A man at work is stressed out

It has long been a well known fact that psychosocial stress influences the immune system and therefore also chronic inflammatory diseases. Periodontitis is one such inflammatory disease. The effect of occupational and private stress on the pathogenesis of periodontitis should therefore not be underestimated. Because stress weakens the entire immune system, it can have a strongly negative influence on the onset and course of periodontitis.

Other effects of stress

Occupational or private stress can also lead to people neglecting oral hygiene because they lack the time and energy to attend to it. People under pressure also turn to cigarettes more often or drink more alcohol. The teeth grinding associated with psychological tension represents an added challenge to the periodontium. In such cases, wearing a mouthguard can be very helpful. Apart from that, relaxation methods or recreational sport can help to reduce stress.