Pregnancy promotes periodontitis

Pregnancy is associated with numerous physical changes. What many do not know: Even in the mouth, changes occur that can predispose to the development of periodontitis in the long term.

A pregnant women hides her face under a pillow

Many women notice increased gum redness, swelling and bleeding during pregnancy. This is pregnancy gingivitis, which is favored by hormonal changes in the female body. The hormones of pregnancy lead to increased blood flow to the mucous membranes and loosening of the tissue. This facilitates penetration of periodontitis-associated pathogens and thus promotes inflammation. Even small amounts of plaque and bacteria can then cause gingivitis. The risk of developing periodontitis increases as a consequence.

Periodontitis is critical for the unborn child

Periodontal diseases not only represent a risk of tooth loss to the mother, but they can also be a danger to the unborn child. Because periodontitis can predispose to complications of pregnancy such as premature delivery, preeclampsia or low weight at birth. It is therefore particularly important for women to continue going for regular dental check-ups during pregnancy so that any inflammation can be picked up and treated at an early stage.